St Mary's Action Plan

             OUR VISION

We believe that the way to abundant life is to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Our aim is to worship God, to grow in faith and to live according to Christian principles.

Worshipping God:

  • To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, by actively teaching the Gospel.

  • To encourage the congregation to worship with reverence and awe, and with greater depth, by deepening the experience of the Intercessions; encouraging participation at Quiet Days and externally organised events and exploring the potential of the Choir to enhance our worship through music.

  • To honour our Anglican tradition, by ensuring that the Eucharist remains central to our worship; observing the Church’s year, including Advent and Lent; ; offering more Lent and Holy Week services and events; offering the sacraments, including healing; offering appropriate teaching to ensure traditions are understood and by developing links with Bungoma Diocese in Kenya.

  • To deepen our ability to worship through the exploration of different expressions of worship, by being flexible and creative in our worship through the use of different media and music; exploring the notion of quieter, more reflective worship, especially the use of silence; offering a range of “alternative” worship at times other than Sunday morning; offering worship styles accessible to children and young people and encouraging them to take a leading part in worship;and by participating fully in acts of joint worship hosted by Churches Together in Central Peterborough.

  • To see our congregation grow in numbers, by hosting a series of special services and events to which members of the local community can be invited; actively promoting and advertising our services and events; producing and delivering leaflets at Easter & Christmas to show service times and by producing prayer materials for those who visit the church privately during the week.

Building our church community:

  • To encourage discipleship and spiritual growth, both for individuals and the church community, by running an annual Alpha Course, together with any necessary preparation and follow-up sessions; running a weekly Bible Study Group; running a fortnightly Parish Prayer Group and by running a confirmation class.

  • To discover and grow the gifts and abilities of all, by identifying and developing the skills and talents of church members and considering how members of church can contribute to the development of others.

  • To develop and use lay ministry, both licensed and unlicensed, by identifying and developing opportunities for lay ministry and by hosting, and encouraging participation in, the Deanery “All are Called” programme.

  • To foster and develop partnership with other Christian churches in the area, by actively increasing partnership with other Christian churches, especially through Churches Together in Central Peterborough and by promoting and supporting combined worship activities and social functions.

Living according to Christian principles:

  • To be a living witness to the love of God in the practical outworking of our faith, by supporting and developing the regular series of fundraising events hosted by groups associated with the Church; setting an example of Christian behaviour to the next generation, and by actively supporting the work of the Street Pastors in central Peterborough.

  • To be responsive to the needs of each section of our community, particularly children, young people and the elderly, by offering programmes for the Sunday Club & St Mary’s Youth, including social events; building on and expanding existing links with the Panda Club for mothers and toddlers; and exploring and developing ways of responding to the needs of elderly people living alone, in sheltered accommodation or in residential homes in the parish.                     

  • To promote and support work for social justice, by actively supporting the work of Christian Aid and   promoting fair trade, including through a monthly Traidcraft stall.

  • To strengthen St Mary’s links with the local community, by using personal opportunities for promoting the church and strengthening links; taking a proactive approach to advertising the church’s activities; establishing and strengthening links with local groups and offices; maintaining and building on our links with local schools and by maintaining our ecumenical and inter-faith links.

  • To maximise the use of our Community Centre, by promoting the use of the centre as a venue for both Deanery and community events and fostering closer connections with groups using the Centre.

Management & Administration:

  • To make the best use of the clergy, lay workers and centre staff in achieving these aims, by ensuring that the clergy are supported to use their time effectively; encouraging lay organisation of church activities; making the best use of the shared Church Office facility; identifying and recognising the talents of church members and using them to best effect, and by establishing a social committee to boost the church community.

  • To increase financial income, by preparing for changes in the Diocesan Funding Formula and increased running costs; promoting increased giving, and renewing commitment at least once a year and encouraging an increase in lettings.

  • To make the best use of our website, magazine (incl Diocesan magazines) and news sheet to achieve these aims, by ensuring that the church website is user-friendly, accurate and up-to-date and by developing links with local media.

  • To maintain our buildings to support all activities, by ensuring effective caretaking and cleaning arrangements and ensuring that the buildings are properly maintained and meet all Health & Safety and Quinquennial Review requirement.


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